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  • With certain success: qualified power plant personnel

    Successful companies need qualified employees, especially in operating areas of power plants as well as other fields of high technology.

    OPUS looks back on many years of experience in the field of training of power plant personnel. The cooperation with the Powertech Training Center in Essen (in matters of training and further education of power plant operators) may be cited as an example.

    But we are also successful in other areas. In cooperation with other companies, we conduct retraining with the aim of a subsequent placement in fast growing industries.

    In addition, we also provide guidance in order to arrange your specific training measures – from concept development to the point of implementation.

    For affiliated companies, public agencies and other interested companies, we also conduct training measures, further education measures and occupational retraining measures.


    • training of power plant personnel - for foreign clients as well
    • retraining of industrial mechanics as electronic installers
    • retraining as a processing mechanic for plastic- and rubber-technologies