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  • Personnel leasing - flexibility without risk by means of temporary employment

    A company with lean management structures needs staff reserves which are available at short notice if, for example, work peaks are no longer manageable by their own staff.

    For these cases, OPUS GmbH offers its customers from the power industry and plant engineering uncomplicated support by means of temporary provision of labour - free of risks for the employer.

    The employees of OPUS have many years of professional experience in the energy sector and profound knowledge as engineers, power plant shift-leaders and power plant operators in the operation and maintenance areas. Our operating personnel (e.g. operators) either come from the OPUS-own workforce or from the immediate environment of Iqony.

    Our employees are characterized by a high level of commitment, reliability and flexibility which enables them to quickly become effective employees in your company.

    OPUS supports you in various personnel issues. Do not hesitate to contact us!